A family that makes history. It was 1916 when the Daprile family in the heart of Puglia, in Putignano, started a business specialized in the production of agricultural tools, dedicating themselves with skilful mastery.
The use of first choice materials , strictly selected, forged and
finished according to an ancient and tested working cycle, the result of
experience and seriousness, distinguishes the F.lli Daprile SRL brand in the agricultural industry sector.

It was 1916 when Nonno Giovanni started a business with a small shop in Via Savonarola, the street of the blacksmith shops in
Putignano (Ba) specialized in the production of pruning shears.

In the second half of the 1950s, the third-born Carmine and the fourth-born Luigi gain experience abroad by stealing the secrets of the trade that would have served to enrich the information background for
of the family, while in Putignano the business continues
carried on by the other two brothers Antonio and Francesco.

In the 60s the brothers Antonio and Francesco formally gave life to the company F.lli Daprile SRL and Carmine and Luigi returned to their homeland, they joined the brothers and decided to grow stronger thanks to their abilities Business

In the mid-90s the artisan company is carried on by the third generation
no longer by the Daprile brothers but by the Daprile cousins ​​and
today continues its path of expansion while remaining faithful to < br> tradition and artisan values ​​that have always distinguished it.
Today the company, known as F.lli Daprile SRL, boasts over 100
years of experience and conquers the national market.


F.LLi DAPRILE SRL is a three-generation family-run artisan company specializing in the production of pruning shears and strictly handcrafted agricultural tools. The company is currently present on the national and international markets and the constant participation
important fairs such as those in Verona, Bologna (Biennale
Eima International) Bari, Lanciano, Brescia, Bastia Umbra make
the company a great point of reference in the agricultural sector as well as
the only company in Central Southern Italy to have a complete production cycle from the printing house to the finished product.
Combining tradition and innovation to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market, makes quality, scrupulousness and the Made in Italy experience its main feature.